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A teacher who used to love being a teacher, but now doesn’t. Part of it is the world today: under-prepared kids, adversarial parents, unhappy colleagues, etc. Some of it is her reaction to all of that plus her own disappointment in students and staff, and - most importantly – the way she’s handling herself.

The director of a small non-profit organization that lives on grants, fundraising, and other soft monies. She doesn’t love always chasing money, and she has personnel issues – especially an angry administrative assistant who was there before she arrived, and who acts like the organization really belongs to her.

A librarian-manager who has a fractious, rebellious staff she inherited, but is now hers for sure.

A self made engineer – crackling smart – trying to start his own consulting business while also trying to be the Dad of a happy family. They love him, but have no hesitation saying he’s “clueless” when it comes to emotional intelligence.

A woman who took a part-time job as a legal secretary, “to supplement the family income” and is now a single mom working as the full time Office Manager - a job she’s never liked. She is now being squeezed constantly by the firm to do more with fewer people. She’s desperate to find fulfilling work that pays decently and has benefits, while also being emotionally available to her adolescent kids.

A highly accomplished Special Ed. teacher who followed her husband to a new state because he took a big job in State government. She took a position in a nearby suburban public school system, but it’s a nightmare. It’s disorganized, un-supportive, and her Department Chair is a “troubled” employee.

A man who took a promotion in a printing facility because he thought he should have a career, not because he’s psyched up about managing an infamous group of “blue collar types” who’ve never allowed themselves to be tightly supervised by anyone, and in fact are physically intimidating to someone who is 5’9” and weighs 155 pounds.

A clinical supervisor in a community mental health facility who has survived the latest re-shuffling – the 3rd in five years - but is overwhelmed at having to keep telling people to do more paperwork on more scheduled clients with less case consultation and support.

A married couple in their early 50’s looking forward to a “post kids” period, but their middle daughter, age 23, has had a child with the “wrong” man. They’re doing more babysitting and outright parenting than they were really up for, their daughter may have a substance abuse problem, and their grandchild might have some special needs.

A facilities supervisor who took a chance promoting someone with a spotty record despite being warned against it. At first it looked like it was going to workout, and would be a triumph for the supervisor. Things may be starting to unravel now, and the supervisor isn’t sure how candid to be with whom.

A woman, aged 57, who is one of three siblings with a 90 year-old mother who lives hundreds of miles away and may be developing dementia. The sibling who lives with their mother has always claimed a proprietary “right” to decide what’s best, but it turns out he may be an alcoholic who himself is no longer “sound” cognitively - but will tenaciously fight efforts to intervene.

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