Coaching works.  Exactly how is both obvious and a bit mysterious. I remember when the story came out that Tiger Woods had hired a coach. I was amazed for a few seconds and then realized – of course he did. He knew what he needed to get back on track to regain and sustain his focus, and it worked. 

It's the same with us mere mortals, someone really decides to get going (which means that they’ve actually already begun) and this time they’re truly receptive to stretching themselves, setting and following through on goals, and finding someone to help them do it - they’re ready to experience coaching.

Coaching is an active, collaborative relationship which includes listening, giving feedback, advice, support, encouragement, emotional honesty, brainstorming, trusting, and nudging  - among other things (but probably not all at once.) 
The point is to get from where you are, to somewhere you’d like to be.  Of course there are concrete goals – important, necessary “destinations” that provide essential focus for energy and action. But equally important are the ways we’d like to “be” in this world – strong, smart, good, open, adaptable, effective, etc

Ideally, a coach is someone to “click” with, someone who is as smart, knowledgeable, and stimulating as you need him or her to be. But the key is for the coach to be someone with whom you’re comfortable, and in whom you can place your trust. 

The process isn’t really magic, but it can feel that way sometimes.  That’s what I was getting at when I said “mysterious” at the beginning.  So often it’s happened that my client and I have barely begun to be concrete or specific, but the client is already “off to the races” – imagination liberated, energy sky high, and actively looking forward to the tasks of doing.  There are times when I’m totally amazed - and very grateful to be doing this work. 

It’s not always that easy, of course.  Some situations have a long history, and it’s certainly true that self-doubt, discouragement, and inertia are persistent human problems.  But that’s why coaching has become so widespread today. 

Coaching isn’t psychotherapy – it focuses on action, actual behavior in real time that helps facilitate the achievement of the client’s goals.  No matter where you are on your journey, or where you’ve been, coaching can help you get to where you need to be.

If you’ve done any web surfing to look at prospective coaches, you’ve probably noticed that virtually all coaches offer a free session.  This makes total sense, because the goal is to optimize finding the coach best suited to your needs – while not worrying about the clock ticking, or whether you’re getting your money’s worth right off the bat.  The Coaching FAQ page may be very helpful in explaining how it all works. 

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