The 90 for 90 offer.

I’m extremely pleased to offer the service which may be exactly what you need.  I’m offering to consult with you on the phone for 90 minutes about anything – any “life situation” – to help you focus and get on top of your problem.

I’m calling this service “90 for 90.”

I especially like the 90-minute length because it’s been my experience that 50 or 60 minutes just isn’t enough – way too often a consultation is peaking right at the one-hour mark, and it’s time to stop.  A “one-time only” conversation has to have enough time for the basic elements of the situation to be put out there, time for questions to help clarify, and then time for summarizing responses, suggestions, and the crucial “to do” steps.

This service is available to just about anyone; people who have shied away from coaching due to the expense, time away from work or family, or the inconvenience of traveling to an appointment. 

So here’s how the experience will go:

You make an appointment with me via e-mail or phone after you’ve paid $90 to PayPal (Yes, they also take Visa.). 

I’ll send you a form via email to sign – which essentially boils down to us both acknowledging and agreeing that our conversation is not psychotherapy, and in no way will fix, heal, or influence you to do anything other than exactly what you choose to do.

At the time mutually agreed upon, you telephone my business line.  We begin with you telling me about the situation you’re concerned about.  At first I listen and ask clarifying questions. Then I’ll give some feedback.  You’ll react to my feedback – which is crucial for focusing the conversation. Near the end of our 90 minutes, we’ll collaborate on a “to do” list of action steps for moving forward.

A very useful, bonus tool – if you choose and explicitly agree to it – is an audio recording of our conversation that is converted to an MP3 file you’ll be able to download and listen to as often as you wish, at your convenience. This addresses one of the nagging problems I see so often: so many people have trouble remembering all of what got said in our conversation, even the very important points.

Naturally, if you’re hesitant about it at all, or concerned in any way, no recording happens.

Another bonus service I’m especially pleased to provide is a 30-minute, follow-up phone call, no charge, to tie up loose ends, address any concerns, and generally facilitate feedback about the experience – in both directions.

That’s it.  The 90-minute consultation (plus 30-minute follow-up) is the entire service – there’s no further pitch to rope you into more consultation. Promise.

Of course, I’m always available should you want to continue the conversation at a later time, but you’ll have to ask. I won’t even bring it up.

Click here for my 90 for 90 offer page

Shaun Kieran, LCSW

(207) 767-3864





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