Taking Inventory

If you’re like most of the people I’ve worked with, you’ll find there are many things you can control in your situation despite feeling overwhelmed. Just the reminder of that simple truth improves the morale and outlook for most people.

Once you know what piece of the situation you can do something about, you start taking positive actions to improve things almost right away. This isn’t magic or “the power of positive thinking.” It’s just meat and potatoes human psychology.

If you take small steps that move you in the right direction, two things happen. You make actual, real progress, so your situation does improve – even if only slightly. And you feel better because you’re making progress.

Once we’ve got an idea of what you can control, we look at a combination of two basic strategies for anyone stuck in a Desert Island Job. You need to sustain yourself and continue being a quality professional – on the island for as long as you’re there – by planting a garden. Or you may need to make plans – despite the major hassle and real obstacles – to build that raft and escape.

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