Positive workplace evolution

by Shaun Kieran

One of the positive changes I’ve seen in the workplace is ever increasing realism being brought to work issues and human problems. Whereas it used to be possible to adopt a workplace “persona” and stick with it, that simply doesn’t fly anymore. And pretending to be above it all, or shocked that personal problems actually come into the workplace – that doesn’t cut it, either.

Problems are so constant and widespread that more workplaces are living up to their stated ideals – finally. They’re acknowledging and putting sunlight on problems, then trying to solve them. Asking for help is not seen as weakness, it’s a sign of honesty and strength.

I don’t think I’m wearing rose-colored glasses. It’s not that we’ve become more compassionate, (although in some ways we have), it’s that we’ve finally done some learning that helps move things forward productively. Give people support and resources, and then, yes, hold them accountable.

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