On Being a Parent – Not Your Child’s “Friend”

Here’s an audio I did right after I heard an interview with a child psychologist on the radio. I agree with him, but my comments have more to do with why his is not the prevailing point of view these days.


I’ve previously linked to an article that had a version of the same message. I hate sounding grouchy about this, but I never thought we’d reach this point: commonsense has left the building, and parents are hurting their children in their (apparent) efforts NOT to hurt them.  Parenting is hard, but it’s harder if you’re not actually noticing the results of all your efforts – and your children notice whether you’re noticing.

Limits and expectations help – not hurt – children.

I have conversations all the time with people who are shocked at the decline in parenting skills. Ideally, I’d like a discussion about how things like this get started, what trumps what on the ground – not simply that you agree.