Managing is not for sissies

by Shaun Kieran

Not everyone takes to managing. I’ve seen highly competent people, in charge of big projects involving huge dollar amounts, totally fall apart when called upon to deal with a “people” problem in the workplace.

Too often, they “handle” it by pretending they don’t see it, just letting it play out, and then – when the situation has broken wide-open-  reacting abruptly and arbitrarily. And because they’re high enough on the food chain, or a strong producer themselves (or the outright owner of the business) they can get away with it.

For most managers that’s simply not an option – it only gets worse with that approach. Plus, most supervisors don’t have the luxury, or the backing, to simply rid themselves of a “human” problem.

I’ve had lots of experience with managers who’ve become so bogged down by the human problems at work they become frustrated, anxious, indecisive, distracted, or even worse – depressed, frightened, hopeless, filled with rage and self-loathing.  I do hope you know I’m not overstating this in the least.

On top of that, managers have their own lives – and the home front may not be that great, either.  This stuff can’t be wished away, and even the most “old school” managers have to face that where they work is filled with real people with real human problems that don’t disappear when the bell rings.

Employees have an uncanny ability to create the exact problems you’re least prepared for. But the good news is that managers have tools – HR consultation re: company policies, EAP’s, Executive Coaching – that they should know about cold and be ready to utilize or offer when the time comes.   And that time will come … count on it!


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