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I help people see and understand their situation more clearly, which renews their emotional energy, and enables them to implement what they decide is the best approach to their current difficult situation – including how to also continue helping others who rely on them.  Those “others” are children, co-workers, friends, employees, family members, and colleagues. My best clients – parents, line supervisors, fellow professionals – are the ones keeping their own heads up, remaining responsible adults, while the relentless world keeps getting faster and more complicated.

I have clinical training, many years, and thousands of hours of experience.  Now, I consult and coach.  My best approach comes out of my experience in Employee Assistance Programs: an initial consultation that helps people focus and achieve better clarity almost immediately, helps them decide what their “best self” thinks ought to happen, and then helps them move forward with a reasonable plan. If continued or ongoing consultation is appropriate we monitor, adjust, and update the process based on a clear-eyed view of what we’ve learned. If you or someone you know might benefit from talking with me, please contact me. I’d be delighted to hear from you.

Shaun Kieran, LCSW

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Marlene Bernasconi

I just read the article entitled “Underachieving Smart People – Understanding Their Struggles To Succeed” which basically describes my 19 year old son. I would love to talk to somebody about this and get some guidance as to how to get him some proper help. He’s been to a couple of therapists and was unable to connect with them. I would love to hear back from someone. Thank you!
Marlene Bernasconi

Rose Blood

After randomly finding “Underachieving Smart People, Understanding their Struggles to Succeed,” as cliche as it may seems, I have found my people. Thank you for providing such an honest and insightful look into the struggles of persons with the questionable “gift” of high intelligence. There is rarely a day that goes by that I do not feel ostracized and am constantly receiving the same flippant statement/question: “If your so smart why are you so stupid in life?”
I am tired of being the blunt of the joke, looked down upon, told repeatedly that I must be borderline retarded, etc. I am understandably prone to depression, introspection on why I am a failure, feeling isolated, unchallenged, and bored. Yes I am very aware that the biggest critic and obstacle is myself, although being the blunt of an unending joke has been very oppressive to say the least. For rambling on I apologize and wanted to thank you for providing a forum that makes persons like myself feel “normal’ for lack of a better word.
Random question: I would love to log on to the sight but have been unable to find where a sign up area may be. If you could find the time to email me either way this would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You again.

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