About Shaun

As is true of so many coaches, I began my career in the Mental Health world, culminating in a Master’s degree and an LCSW. I spent the early years working in psychiatric hospitals – both public and private. An early specialty in “dual diagnosis” clients evolved naturally into Employee Assistance work. I became the “in-house” EAP provider for the University of Southern Maine in the late 80’s and early 90’s. In addition to helping individual clients with personal problems, I naturally developed an expertise in workplace issues: in fact, line supervisors and their many concerns came to have a special place in my heart. All along, my natural style was evolving away from a disease model and toward a “coaching” model, such that somewhere in the ‘90s it began to occur to me that coaching was a natural fit for my temperament and work style.

I have facilitated or provided literally hundreds of presentations, workshops, and “lunch and learns” on a variety of workplace and human relations topics. I’ve taught in a variety of settings including the University of Southern Maine, Southern Maine Community College, and various Adult Education departments. My coaching practice includes individuals and groups.

I live in South Portland, Maine, with my wife and two college-age children.


About Spring Point

Obviously, I have a lighthouse motif going on. Spring Point is barely two miles from my home and is attached to the campus of Southern Maine Community College where I’ve taught many courses in the Social Sciences. The light seems to change every hour, and vessels ranging from kayaks to aircraft carriers are constantly moving past the lighthouse. At first I thought I’d try to play with the lighthouse as a metaphor for my approach to the work I do, possibly get a "slogan" to go along with it, but I couldn’t quite get comfortable with it. I’m so lucky to be surrounded on three sides by water, and have such natural beauty available to me every day.

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