Job One: Helping the Helpers


Are you one of the steady, stalwart ones? In the midst of all that’s new, wild, or strange “out there,” do you wake up everyday with people counting on you to keep it together, help them stay focused, be there for them, be a professional – but the truth is, it’s no longer as easy or as emotionally rewarding as you’d hoped it would be?

Living up to one’s aspirations is good – but the real world is making that harder than ever. Parents, teachers, supervisors, coaches, counselors, caretakers, healthcare professionals, and managers are among those who have assumed all along that part of who they are - their purpose, their idealism, their skills, as well as their simple duty as human beings - is to connect with those who need them or might benefit from that connection, and stick with it.

That assumption is being tested by accelerating change and fragmentation. Helpers who adapt, persevere, and still manage to sustain hope are pure gold. It’s a privilege to help these people navigate the 21st century world of “helping”: we remind, reinforce, connect, provide information, give support, and constantly thank those who serve others.

Welcome to Spring Point Services!

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